The Messenger

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The Messenger

Don’t shoot the messenger

I’ve just come to bring the news

The world is crashing down

Our lives have lost their use


The voices echo clear

"Please stay calm and please stay here

Emergency is in effect"

The end is coming near


And the sirens blare their tunes

As we gather in the room

Counting down the hours

Until our doom


Don’t shoot the messenger

I am standing by your side

They’ve come to kill us all

There’s nowhere we can hide


Grab anything you can

And prepare for one last fight

We’re going down as one

The battle starts tonight


And we’ll face them all together

As we try to stand our ground

But there’s more than we can handle

We’re going down


Don’t shoot the messenger

I will suffer with you all

They’ve locked me up for good

I’m trapped inside these walls


Inject your poison in my skin

Make me you but you won’t win

I am just the messenger

There’s no fight from me within


And I see the others suffer

As I watch it from my cell

This is not what I signed up for

I’m trapped in hell


This is the end of times

The final flash of light

The tires squealing on the street

Spinning out of control


The faces of your past

The times that couldn’t last

Visions of a better time

As you drift out of control


And the memories fly by

Are you happy with your life?


They say that when you almost die

Your life flashes before your eyes

I made sure to record it all on this old VHS

And I would watch it all the time

Spend every day clicking rewind

But I can’t find the footage on this tape


A static covered screen

The silence filled with screams

Empty lies of what you thought

Meant everything before


The time’s all been a waste

The happiness you chased

In places you were looking

You were never meant to find


Click eject on this blank tape

Fill the empty space with all the memories that you make

Don’t click rewind on this life

Only Can Dance

My mind is playing tricks on my mind

Questioning the motives, but I know I can’t say no or try to hide

They say I’m not the mastermind behind all of my crimes

But tell me that you’re certain that I’d never tell a lie


The feeling’s seeping from my skin and out my toes

I’m feeling like I’m gonna end up losing all control

Now I can’t shake the thought that everything might not be right

I need to know

But now I only can dance

And now I only can dance

And now I’m only a puppet

Pull my strings and run my plans

And now I only can dance

The strings, all twisted up, have led me to my daily mental suicide

I'm purging out the pain receptors that my brain prescribed

And running from the train of thought that’s thrown me from the trail

I’ve gotta find the station fast before the beast derails


Scribble on the canvas

There’s no reason to the way

They say to make it perfect

My shaky hands are gonna stay

Tracing off the page


Their outlines paint a picture

What you see is all you’ll find

Dig a little deeper

Find a spark you can ignite

In the dark part of your mind

Let’s make something beautiful and throw it all away

Crumpled paper galaxies in space

My hands are shaking way too much to color in these lines

My body’s twisting backwards just to figure out what’s right

There’s nothing that I can do to make these colors right

I can’t restrain myself to stick within these lines

Adventure alone on the outside

You can stick within the lines

That everyone else will draw you

But I’m gonna make these boundaries mine

I won’t fall behind


A shooting star in the night sky

Pouring rain on a summer day

Reflections of words from a notebook

Depictions of thoughts I must portray

Disguised in what I say

Looking For Yourself

Playing catch up with the person who you thought you were

Falling back behind a vision of a foreign world

Chase your shadow as your past has left you in the dust

Making friends with all the ghosts of those that you have lost


Maybe all along, what you were looking for was yourself

Searching high and low, begging for some help

Maybe all along, it was all inside

Deep within your soul, covered by your pride


Playing catch up with the person who you want to be

Contradicting thoughts of what is going to set you free

Leave your shadow as you bury your past in the dust

Making friends with all the others who are just as lost


Hoping for a promise of a life far away

Why live for tomorrow when we’ve got today?


Maybe all along, what you were looking for was yourself


I think I’m going insane

I’ve never felt this way before

My walls are caving in

And I collapse as I head straight for the door


Don’t wanna let you in

Got too much locked up inside for you to see

I know you might disagree

But right now I need to save you from me

In this moment, you’re all I see, I feel so free

I’ve never been more happy, I know this is how it should be

I don’t care what happens, as long as you’re by my side

Everything that hurts me, fades away when I look in your eyes

Try not to let you get close

I’ve got my own issues, I don’t wanna make you hurt

But you keep drawing me in

The words you speak make me think this might work


Speak freely what’s on your mind

Your thoughts leak out like a perfect poem

Hold me and never let go

I’m falling fast as my heart beats like a drum

Please save yourself from me

I don’t wanna hurt you, right now I need you to leave

Please save me from you

I finally realized that your words are all untrue

Why did I ever think I meant anything to you?


I swallowed down your pill and I waited for relief

Nothing ever changed though, the sickness wouldn’t leave 

You offered me a cure-all, you said you’d set me free

I thought you were my remedy but you were the disease


Diagnosis of a lonely beating heart

Slowly ripped apart and scattered up inside

Medicated, dazed and faded, numbed by you

Fix the pieces, mask the symptoms, make me new


I don’t think that I can stand to make it through another day without you

So pick me off the floor and come and save me from this doom and bandage all my wounds

Isolated, left alone here since you went

Trapped inside with just my mind, my only friend

Thought that I could give you more, I gave you all that I had left

Drained the life out of my soul


Panic in the ambulance, you don’t have too much time to bring me back to life

Blood is draining, colors fading; pound my chest and give me air

This all ends here

I don’t think that I can make it through today

So pull the plug, take me away

The Storm

It’s been nine months now since we’ve spoken

There’s been so much that you’ve missed

I’ve been craving nothing else besides your lips

Since we last kissed


Tell me everything that’s happened

Since the storm destroyed the house

Are you still stuck in that town

Or did you find your way back out?

Were you happy without me?

Did you find a way to forget everything that we once had?

Cause ever since I left there’s been no way to keep you out of my head

You’ve been rebuilding the foundation of the walls the winds tore down

But I don’t know if we can fix all of the damage from the storm

Now fill me in on all the promises

You promised we would keep

Fingers crossed, we couldn’t stop

We let our words build up too deep


We had everything we wanted

Till we flooded out the house

Drowning in our own desires

Just to find our own way out

Were you better without me?

Here we are, two broken parts

Surrounded by our fading art

Parting clouds and sinking doubts

Let’s take it right back to the start

The Beginning of the End

It’s the letters you won’t find

The darkness in my mind

You will never know


The voices in my head

They all want me dead

How can I go on?

Pay attention to these words

Cause they’re all that I have

There’s nothing left inside this skin

That’s gonna make me last


The ink flows through my veins

My blood is on the page

It’s the beginning of the end

It’s the beginning of the end

Spiral towards the dark

The pen has left its mark

Leak onto the page


Try to stop the pain

As the ink begins to drain

Save me from myself

The Glory Daze

Mirror image, look at you

We both share this point of view

In your eyes, I see it’s true

There’s no difference between two


You have problems, just like me

And I wish that we could see

This is not the final chapter

This is not all we must be


This is not the final chapter

This is not all we must be


Standing on the mountain and you take a look around

Searching for the answers that you thought you would’ve found

Take a minute, rest your head, live inside the now

We’ve made it to the top but sometimes we must go back down


Nothing’s ever perfect and it may not ever be

But right now we’re on a mountain and we’ve got both you and me

So let’s think about the present, leave the future in the past

All the pain that we feel now will surely never last


All the pain that we feel will not last


What’s alive in us?

Well, I don’t even know if there’s a living, breathing person in my skin right now

We are all just damaged people; motivations wearing thin

We are all just moving forward, shattered, broken souls within, singing


Should we just pretend that everything’s okay?

Lost in a maze, yeah, we’re in the middle of our "glory days"

I am missing, someone take me to the lost and found

You and I are damaged people, and we’re buried in the crowd now

Now we’ve made it to today

And we do not need to stay

On the path to our demise

There’s no need to say goodbye


You say to quiet down

To listen to you now

This is not the time to talk about what we think is right


We’ll listen to your words

You’ll tell us what we’re worth

But we are just the numbers that will make your system work


“Purify my brain”

You’re turning me insane


They told me, “Stop, don’t think on your own

This is what you need to believe

All the voices in your ears

But you need to listen to me”


Fill up every corner of my brain

As you try to drill a hole into my head so you can drain

All the juices in my brain I use to create to keep me sane

All that matters in my mind so you can make us all the same

Like we’re puppets in your game


But you won’t win this time

You can’t have my mind

I will not give in to what you call a perfect life

You're Not Alone

Look up at the stars and wonder what I’ve done

Hoping one day I’ll wake up and see the sun


I know I don’t belong here in this place

Fueled by imagination, my brain’s made me its slave

But I’m not gonna let my mind consume my soul

I’m gonna take back my control


When you’re feeling lost and you’ve got nowhere to go

Look inside your soul and you’ll find your way back home


The pain you feel will soon be left behind

Spend all of our days trying to fix our twisted minds

Moving forward blindly towards the great unknown

I promise that you’re not alone

Break Free

Drowning in the sea of self-doubt

It seems there’s no way out

And you feel the waves crashing on your skull

In this big, bad world, you feel so small


Constantly pulled down into the water

And you think this is the end

Suffocating as you fight for one more breath

Caught in the battle between life and death


In this life, you will find

Everything’s not always right

It’s not perfect all the time

The words I say don’t always rhyme


Break free from the pain that’s come and pulled you down

Break free from the stress that’s twisting you around

Break free from the self-hate that you have inside

Let go of your ghosts and move on with your life


As you fight the current, going back and forth

Remember what you’ve got on the shore

Drift away and you could leave it all behind

But it won’t let you defeat what’s in your mind


Grab my hand and we can swim forever

And we’re never gonna surrender

Wade the waters as we make our way towards sand

Find the path back to the promised land

And even if you run, there’s nowhere you can hide

Try to flee from all your demons, but they live inside your mind

This war you think you’ve lost, well it’s only just begun

So let’s face this fight together and know that better times will come

Break free


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