Movement EP

Keep On Runnin'

Dreaming of the places where we dreamed

That we would dream in every day

Our endless chase

To find our fairy tale and live out every detail

Let's go insane

It's just the same

It's not a competition, yeah we're all trying to live

Every day these ghosts are chasing me, I just want to forget

Always playing tricks on me, don't know what to believe

Only way I know to handle it's to leave

So I keep on runnin'

Always trying to outrun the pain

Trying to numb it

Yeah but I can still feel everything

I'm in some trouble

Spent half my life chasing an empty dream

And now it's over

And it's too late to pick up every piece

I've been dreaming of the places where I dreamed

That I would dream my life away

My endless chase

To find what I believe and what existence really means

I'll go insane

Wait, I won't change


Chasing Time

Couldn't make it very far

Fell asleep inside my car

And drifted off

I was always chasing time

Couldn't keep up for my life

But I know it's not unlike

Time to pass me by

Woke up in a different spot

Don't know how I got this lost

Musta drifted off

Speak my mind and bite my tongue

I was right and you were wrong

Blame it all on me

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