Fabricated Freedom began as the solo project of Cincinnati musician and songwriter Joey Drees in early 2017 with the release of “The Messenger.” Combining elements of rock, electronic, and dance, “The Messenger” gained popularity in online music communities.


After spending the rest of the year promoting the album online, solo artists Josh Zak (New Tycoon) and Cailin Pitt were added to the mix. In 2018, the band began work on new music while also gaining a live presence in Greater Cincinnati.


Now a three person creative force, Fabricated Freedom uses their music not only to create their own freedom, but also to help their fans find what sets them free.

The Name

"The name Fabricated Freedom developed from the purpose that I get from writing songs. I think all of us have something that holds us down, something that we are prisoner to. Whether it's work, school, relationships, the past, the future, or our minds, there's always something that keeps us from being the person who we truly want to be. For me, the thing that I've always come back to when I feel trapped is creating. Writing songs helps me escape the things that hold me back; it gives me freedom. The word "fabricate" is often seen with a negative connotation, but it is essentially a synonym of words such as construct, create, invent, make, etc. Something that I have found is true for me is that if I want freedom, I have to make it myself, and I achieve that freedom through fabrication, or creating. At the same time, you could go along with the negative connotation of the word and say that yes, maybe my freedom is fabricated. Maybe it's not real and it's all a figment of my imagination. Maybe it's just a temporary release that will go away as quickly as it arrived. I think it's necessary for all of us to look at both sides of this and explore for yourself what you believe is important to you.


What sets you free? Is your freedom real? Does it matter if it's real?"


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